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Installing vinyl siding provides your home with excellent protection from the elements, improved looks, and best of all, a virtually maintenance free siding.

Siding materials have come a long way and advanced to be one of the best ways to protect our homes! Protection doesn't have to be boring. Siding materials come in many colors, styles and trim!

General Vinyl Siding Information

  • Vinyl Siding is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and has begun to be used in construction more and more all the time. They can be fashioned to resemble wood.
  • Scratches are rarely visible, since the PVC that the siding is composed of is solid all the way through.
  • Vinyl Siding is similar in many properties to aluminum, such as weight and density. However, unlike aluminum, vinyl does not dent. And besides aesthetic repair, scratched vinyl siding does not rust and will not ruin the integrity of your siding.
  • Temperature will not affect Vinyl Siding, which can be installed in nearly any climate. Aluminum siding might take a long time to re-install if damaged, which is untrue of Vinyl Siding. Vinyl's temperature at which it ignites is very high (736°F). It has half the burn time of cedar and burns one third as hard. If fire occurs in a house with Vinyl Siding, people can expect more time to get out.